We have been coming to his concerts since 1970. We have always admired his work. Last night’s “Figaro” was a peak. The opera has been a favourite of ours since the 60’s. We have seen it many times and listened to it much more. The performance last night was the best we have seen. The acting by the singers was utterly convincing; Susannah and Figaro were lovers. The complexity and truth about human nature came out from the veneer of silliness. The music from orchestra to voices was warm and gorgeous. The opera peaked at the right moment and the tears came: love and forgiveness. Thank you Boris.

-From Kenneth Post & Rebecca Post

We were extremely pleased with your production of “Le Nozze di Figaro”, and thrilled to hear such a fine group of singers whom you had carefully selected from that large list of candidates. The staging was cleverly done and the 1930’s styles were perfect for the mood of the performance. The orchestra was finely balanced with the voices and, even though it was “up front” on stage, one never had the sense that the singers voices were lost. On the contrary I had to pay close attention to the orchestra not to miss any of the exquisite nuances with which Mozart accompanies the lyrics. A special kudo to the french horns, who in the aria “???” gave, with perfect intonation, the right series of forte-piano-forte blasts,

We can’t single out any of the singers as they were all so well prepared, acted with the right gestures and movements, and worked so well together. Perhaps we should mention Andrea Nunez whose vocal skills are so fine that we look forward to hearing more from her in the future; she perfectly fitted the part of Susana.But then, looking over the whole cast, there were no weak points. Even the humble Antonio (Joel Allison) deserves to be heard in a bigger part some day.

We sat in the third row and will try to sit there again for your next opera, whatever it will be. But It will be hard to match the delight of Le Nozze.


-Henry and Molly Ann Schwarcz

Dear Boris,

What a pleasure it was to witness BrottOpera’s performance of Figaro this past Thursday! I was enthralled from start to finish with the wonderful singing, acting and playing. What a night!

Thank you for bringing opera into the area; and for creating this opportunity for Emerging Artists.

Chelsea Van Pelt

Dear Maestro,

I wanted to send a note thanking you for a wonderful experience working on my first Nozze!

I think it’s safe to say the final product was a hit. The audience reaction was overwhelmingly positive, and I am still amazed at what we all were able to collectively accomplish in such a short amount of time. I was particularly impressed with how incredible the orchestra sounded under you; truly sensitive, musical, stylistic playing. They sounded more beautiful than some of the older, seasoned orchestras I’ve seen and worked with!

Thank you for taking a chance on me in this very exciting role debut. I will happily carry the memory of the wonderful Brott Opera staff, musicians, maestro, and production with me as I continue on.

Wishing you best of luck this season,

-Amanda Fink

Yesterday evening’s performance of Figaro was a real treat. The singers were outstanding and the NAO played at its usual high standards. Like Cherubino, it was almost impossible not to fall in love with the Countess! I have seem many performances of Figaro over the years, but none better or more enjoyable.

-David Goodings