Concert Review: Connoisseur Classics 2

Hector Berlioz was not guilty by reason of insanity in composing his Symphony Fantastique. Even though his music “shocked and generally upset three whole generations of concert goers” according to the program notes by Ronald Comber. The old version of the work’s genesis had it as an opium induced dream that careened madly from passionate […]

Concert Review: La Boheme

  Putting on an opera means making a colossal, daunting, even terrifying investment: Both in talent and money. This is what BrottOpera had to do before Rodolfo and Mimi could weave their voices together in some of the most glorious music ever to enter and enchant the human ear. The company produced Puccini’s masterpiece, La […]

“The Magic Flute” Reviews

Dear Brott Music Festival friends, Last night’s Magic Flute performance was one of the most engaging I have ever experienced. All of the voices were truly excellent – there wasn’t a less than superb performance to be found – and the orchestra was in top form. The innovative production was entirely successful: I have become […]

Concert Review: Passionate Puccini!

“Welcome to Hamilton’s Opera House!” These are the words I have used for several years to introduce the opening night of the Buchanan Park Elementary School Opera Club’s annual production. The line always gets a laugh, as we are all squeezed into a barebones, rather dingy elementary school gym that teacher Dawn Martens’ wonderful children […]

Concert Review: “Our Grand Finale: Choral Spectacular!”

18 Aug 2017 “Choral Spectacular”, NAO’s terrific Festival closer Reply by Ontario Arts Review • Choir, Concert, Festival, Orchestra Review by Danny Gaisin The Brott National Academy Orchestra finished its 30th season with a superlative concert; four featured soloists and seventy-four choir-members selected from dozens of diverse venues – all coming together as one coordinated unit. The magic required to accomplish such a feat […]

Concert Review: Shaken not Stirred–The Music of James Bond

14 Aug 2017 Shaken not Stirred – The Music of “Bond”Reply by Ontario Arts Review • Festival, Orchestra Review by Judith Caldwell The penultimate concert in the 2017 Brott Music Festival was an evening of music inspired by the James Bond movie franchise. It featured the National Academy Orchestraconducted by the NAO’s artistic director Boris Brott, and Roï Azoulay, this years’ apprentice conductor, plus […]

Concert Review: Bizet’s Carmen

14 Jul 2017 “CARMEN”, tempts Don José; seduces him & dies 5 by Ontario Arts Review • Opera Review by Terry Gaisin Bizet’s 1875 opera ‘CARMEN’ is undoubtedly the most popular and beloved of the genre. Understandable given the libretto by Meihac & Halèvy; exceptional music and unrivalled lyrics. Who can’t instantly recall the memorable “ Toreador-a, don’t spit on the […]

Concert Review: “Triumph of the Spirit”

22 Jun 2017 “N.A.O. – 30 years young” Reply by Ontario Arts Review • Choir, Concert, Orchestra Review by Danny Gaisin The opening concert of season 30 was devoted to Mozart and two of his most celebrated compositions; the brief (20 minute) Haffner Symphony and his last opus – Requiem in D minor. After an […]

Barbara Croall Letter of Support

A  letter of support from First Nations Composer and Artist Barbara Croall on the Brott Music Festival;   Thank you Barbara–we truly love working with you!  

Critics Corner: Education Concerts

Hi Ardyth and Boris, So I got a big lump in my throat when the kids joined in this morning with the orchestra to sing the National Anthem… an experience cynics like me could use more often! Then I almost completely lost it when Smetana Moldau played, a favourite of mine, as my river pics showed […]