Brott Blog: The Merry Widow

“It’s a love story for the ages. It’s the musical comedy of the opera world. It has been described as “one of the best romcoms ever written” It’s The Merry Widow, Franz Lehar’s irresistible operetta.  The tale takes place is in Pontevedro, a country on the brink of economic disaster, and follows a wealthy widow as […]

Brott Blog: My Fair Lady–A Cinderella Story

        After an electrifying summer of sensational music, our 32nd season comes to a climactic close with a production of My Fair Lady. Inspired by GB Shaw’s Pygmalion, the original play stepped onto the stages of Broadway, under the direction of George Cukor, and grew into an international phenomenon on the big […]

My Fair Lady Cast

        Martin Julien (Professor Higgins)  Martin Julien is a Canadian actor and singer with over thirty-five years of experience on the professional stage. Most recently seen in the world premiere of Hamiltonian Reza Jacobs’s musical Under the Stairs at Young People’s Theatre in Toronto, he will reprise his role as Sir John […]

Brott Blog: For Your Eyes Only–The Music of James Bond

          What would a film be without music? From the earliest ‘pictures’, music has always been an integral part of film making; even in the time of silent films, music could be heard when voices could not and was indeed thought of as an essential part of the viewing experience. Why? […]

Concert Review: Connoisseur Classics 2

       Hector Berlioz was not guilty by reason of insanity in composing his Symphony Fantastique. Even though his music “shocked and generally upset three whole generations of concert goers” according to the program notes by Ronald Comber. The old version of the work’s genesis had it as an opium induced dream that careened […]

Concert Review: Connoisseur Classics 1

It was the Russian poet Pushkin, if my memory serves me correctly, and it is serving me less and less correctly with each passing day, who told the tale of the Barbarian Artist. This oaf happily daubed black paint all over an exquisite work of art. But as the carelessly daubed paint cracked and flaked […]

Brott Blog: Connoisseur Classics 2: Adrian Anantawan

Earlier this month, we were transported to Czechoslovakia with the heartrending music of Dvorak, brought to us by exquisite cellist Rachel Mercer. It was an evening full of stunning music and immersive education that left us hungry for more. To compliment such a marvelous event, we look forward with rapt anticipation to the second installment […]

Concert Review: La Boheme

Putting on an opera means making a colossal, daunting, even terrifying investment: Both in talent and money. This is what BrottOpera had to do before Rodolfo and Mimi could weave their voices together in some of the most glorious music ever to enter and enchant the human ear. The company produced Puccini’s masterpiece, La Bohème, […]

La Boheme red carpet!

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BrottOpera Presents: La Bohème

(905) 525-7664 [email protected] BUY TICKETS BrottOpera Presents: La Bohème Since its genesis in 2015, BrottOpera has given us several spectacular performances; from Rossini’s ever entertaining The Barber of Seville to Bizet’s seductively superb Carmen, these productions have rejuvenated the spirit of opera in Hamilton. This year, as BrottOpera celebrates its 5th anniversary, we have the […]